Re: Teaching in KY

    On 5/25/06, John wrote:
    > I am a social studies certified teacher, looking to get
    > out of urban teaching, and to live somewhere more laid
    > back, rural, and safer. I am considering teaching in
    > Kentucky, and I noticed that there are quite a bit of
    > positions available throughout the state. Does anybody
    > know anything about teaching in the state, which area(s)
    > are better to live/teach, and is there really a demand for
    > teachers there?
    > Thanks! Kentucky is a great place to live, but don't be fooled by
    all the job postings in the state. Every time a teacher
    changes from one grade to another the job is posted. It
    looks like there will be a lot of hiring, but there is just
    a lot of moving around. I've been trying to get a job
    for "a while." There are a lot of teachers around here
    working in retail, etc. The politics in the school systems
    around here make me sick. If you don't know the right
    people, you might as well head to the Wal-Mart to look for a

    High school teachers are in demand, but not elementary.