bluegrass educator aka/me, again

    On 10/02/02, catbird wrote:
    > Help, is anyone out there in cyber special ed KY using SETs?
    > I heard from a few people but I need more voices please.
    > My administration is telling us that teachers across the
    > state are using STI and SETs and not experiencing
    > difficulties. Are we just real stupid or what in my
    > district?
    > Help pleaseWe're voices crying in the wilderness, I fear. The day before
    the 1st grading period ends, and still no operational STI at
    my particular school. Other schools in this district are
    having no problems. Grade entry will be done by the school
    secretary on her workstation which somehow has no problem
    with STI. If hers works, why can't the other 100 or so in the
    building? SETS continues to take up space in all the sp.ed.
    teachers' computers in THIS building. Other schools in our
    district have no problems (so their administration reports-
    but, you know how those reports can be misleading because
    they don't have to deal with SETS)--maybe, you could post the
    SETS question on other teacher sites where you might
    reach a larger audience since several states are using the
    program. Just a thought. Happy upcoming weekend! I have Fall
    Break next week and plan to curl into a fetal position and
    remain in said position for five days.