On 10/07/02, bluegrass educator wrote:
    > This is my 23rd year as a teacher -- 4th year in KY -- I feel
    > that there are too many masters in the individual KY school
    > districts -- the principal, the SBDM Council, the Director of
    > Special Ed. -- just who's in charge? -- I've never experienced so
    > much confusion, so little assistance (yes, even old timers like
    > me need assistance in a new school), so few people who know
    > answers to my questions, so much b.s. spread so thickly, so
    > many 'good old boys and girls' running around trying to look
    > important, and so-o-o-o-o little pay for my work, efforts, and
    > experience. Yes, it is discouraging, at times; however, I keep
    > doing what I know is legal and ethical and despite my not having
    > tenure, I still am employed. They tried very hard to get rid of
    > me, but they soon learned that it's illegal to hire an
    > uncertified person as a special educator when a fully certified
    > special educator is available. I think I cost too much money, and
    > they'd prefer to have saved money rather than hire a qualified
    > person. Perhaps it's just this way in my particular district;
    > however, I hear similar horror stories from other KY teachers in
    > different regions of the state. I will close by saying that I
    > have worked in districts where there was more professionalism.I hear you Bluegrass! I am treated horribly in the district in
    which I am currently employed by administration but have the
    respect of my fellow teachers parents and students. My principal
    has sunk to a new low but I will continue forth and try to keep up
    the front. Good luck to you, hang in there. I have not taught in
    a system like this one before it is full of snakes in the grass.