Re: ummm here's the link
KY Retired Librarian
    On 4/01/07, KY Retired Librarian wrote:
    > Kentucky is a great place! I'm not sure about the job market
    > and I can't tell you any places to avoid, but you need to
    > decide if you want a large city, med. city, small town, rural
    > area, "flatland", mountains, etc. We have it all. Here is a
    > link to help find jobs in Kentucky. It is updated as jobs
    > become available. The site is searchable by position or
    > county. You may want a map handy to find these locations.
    > Good luck!
    > On 3/31/07, Dana wrote:
    >> I am a high school English teacher and considering moving
    >> to Kentucky. What is the job outlook like and are there
    >> parts of the state to avoid?