Re: Desperate to Find Teaching Job in KY
teaching jobs in kentucky site... its a keeper!!!
    &CFID=18374&CFTOKEN=41497353&ts=1211661391921copy, paste in search engine, and there's your list of jobs in

    also check out: teachers to

    Both of the above sites require registration, all free, and
    you can post your resume and receive daily updates via email
    in jobs in your subject in the states you wish to work in.

    Good Luck, The answer man

    On 1/28/08, AmyB- try this wrote:
    > This website is updated continuously. Check back to it
    > frequently.
    > On 8/12/07, AmyB wrote:
    >> I graduated from Eastern December 2005 w/my teaching degree
    >> and I have not been able to find a job yet! I have been
    >> interviewed but they are looking for someone with more
    >> experience. Well, if I was given a chance to teach I would
    >> have that necessary experience! Any suggestions or anyone
    >> know of any jobs open? Thanks!