Re: experienced teacher in ky wanting to apply to boone coun
    experienced teacher in ky wanting to LV4

    Have you taught there? How hard is it to get an apartment? What
    are the people like, such as staff? Collins has sooo many openings
    it makes me think it may not be as good a school as the others. I
    really want to move to the area as I am tired of being in the
    styx! Thanks so much for your info!

    On 6/01/10, LV4 wrote:
    > On 4/10/10, experienced teacher-- elementary wrote:
    >> I'm wanting to relocate to Boone County and have noticed
    >> there are several elem. jobs posted. I'd love to apply- have
    >> 15 yrs. experience. Would I have a shot? Are they too
    >> political? Really would appreciate an answer. I'm afraid to
    >> apply, get an offer, then not be hired back for someone who
    >> gets the job because of "contacts". It wouldn't be worth it
    >> to lose my tenure. Really do want to apply. Thanks!
    > You have to work hard to get into Boone County. Your
    > application package must be complete before consideration.
    > You are more apt to get an interview if you send your
    > information to the principals of the schools you are
    > interested in. With so many universities in this area, there
    > are about 300 applications for one opening. I definitely
    > wouldn't give up my tenure before getting something solid.
    > Boone County has excellent schools and it's worth the work to
    > get in, but everyone else feels that way too!