Re: Do they really pee test teachers?

    I teach in East Texas. We random drug test every student. At least
    every student's name is put in the random drawing. The testing is
    administered by an outside company. They show up anytime and give a
    list of names to be called to the office. The drug test is
    administered then and there. (restrooms are close by and someone
    monitors them.) The last school I worked at the drug testing was
    administered by, of all people, the athletic department. Odd that
    few student athletes tested positive or even tested at all. As far
    as teachers where I teach now, I could be sticking my head in the
    sand, I don't think they would keep drugs or even use drugs. Most
    are local people who all grew up together. Go shopping together, to
    church together, or whatever. You must work in a larger school. I
    have and it's noty worth the trouble for the extra $s.
    On 6/02/08, RSDteach wrote:
    > On 5/19/08, johnv wrote:
    > Your district actually drug tests the students?! I can only
    > imagine how many students I would have if the RSD gave random
    > drug tests to my students. Administrators just pocket the drugs
    > they take off kids (the police won't even touch it because the
    > know the administrators keep the drugs in an unsecured area for
    > days before handing it over to the police) and send they back to
    > class even when they're caught using or selling the drugs on
    > campus. Heck we even had a student busted rolling a quart sized
    > bag full of weed into joints who wasn't even suspended from
    > school for a single day!
    > Of course teachers in the RSD do have to submit to a drug test
    > to get hired.
    >> We expect our students to randomly pee in a cup. Are we better
    >> than our students? Get in the real world! almost any job
    >> requires a drug test. Bring it on!
    >> On 5/18/08, EBR Teacher wrote:
    >>> Drug tests are fairly standard these days. If you don't do
    >>> drugs, you have nothing to worry about. Is it just that
    >>> you're nervous about taking the test? No one could be more
    >>> shy about those things than me! If I can do it . . . .
    >>> On 5/18/08, no name for this wrote:
    >>>> I was looking on line at different school districts. Do
    >>>> Zachary, Central, and/or Lafayette districts really
    >>>> require teachers to pass a pee test before they are
    >>>> hired? This sounds crazy. Do they watch these educators
    >>>> pee in a cup?