Re: Certified Teacher needed for home school evaluation

    On 8/22/10, Craig Leach wrote:
    > Hello, We are Maine parents that home school three children.
    > Our teacher that performed the evaluation last year had to
    > back out at the last minute, which has left us with a
    > problem. The evaluation has to be in Augusta by September
    > 1st along with the subsequent year letter. This means that
    > we are desperately seeking a teacher that is willing to
    > conduct the evaluation for us. There is no question that the
    > children have done enough work or any performance issues,
    > they are all working ahead of their "grade level". Any help
    > would be greatly appreciated. We are willing to travel
    > anywhere in the state and will bring all materials with us.
    > Thank you, Craig Leach

    I can help you if you were able to get an extension from the
    state and still have not performed an evaluation- please
    email me at - I am a certified
    teacher - perform assessments regularly- please email phone
    number and contact information. Thanks