Re: Unfair Advantage With Jobulator

    I agree with you...
    It does suck to have to pay to get jobs. I was against signing up
    for jobulator initially, but then I wasn't getting many jobs unless
    I sat at my computer all the time. I then signed up for the free 1
    month trial. I worked a ton in February! It was nice to hear my
    computer "ding" with the sound of a job. It's a pain to fly through
    your house trying to get to your computer, but well worth it.

    My subscription just ran out last week, so I decided to sign up and
    pay for it. I don't have a phone that supports Apps, so I only have
    it on my computer. I'm glad I did pay the 40 bucks, as it only cost
    me a half a day's pay and I already made that money back...I have
    worked everyday this week!