Re: framework + webb's workshops
Happy in 4th

    All tests will be more in depth. Mostly just making the kids explain why
    will help you get to a two instead of a one. Many of our old tests were
    like: Who was the character who liked to dance?
    Now it is: Why does Jane love to dance? And the answer will have to be
    infered from the reading, not spelled out in the passage.English will be harder, because they will have to show how a noun is used
    not just pick one out.

    Thanks for the kudoos, but I'm not that dedicated. I only have the first
    English one done. 3 more to go. I am using the item specs for the new test
    and modifying old questions to make the test harder.

    On 7/27/07, catlover72 wrote:
    > My goodness, you're dedicated! I'm sure everyone will be scrambling for
    > a copy of your test. Are they making the 4th grade test a great deal
    > more difficult? Our presenter at the high school said don't even bother
    > with the old practice test materials, that they were no good to us.