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I attended a workshop on the framework. Since I had used the framework this past school year, as we were supposed to do, I thought the trainer would be at least as familiar or more familiar than I was with it. She kept saying that kids would have to do research and things like that in order to do well on the mct2. She also said a good many times that we should teach on Webb's level 4 even though level 4 won't be tested. When we got to the compentency/objective for "tools of persuasion", we looked at a sample test item for it. I commented that the students would absolutely have to know the definitions of all of the "tools of persuasion" or they would have no way to select the correct answer on the test. The trainer had this really shocked look on her face and said it sure looks like they will. Have any of you been to training and if so what was your experience?

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