Re: Do you want a young, passionate, energetic, inexperience
    Next Legislative Session Lying by Review-Urinal

    Expect it to get hot and heavy, no holds barred. These people are going to
    lie DAILY in the paper starting February 4th. So, hold on to your hats and
    get ready to BOYCOTT business that advertise in the Review-Urinal. The
    Journalistic Integrity disabled newspaper is already on the brink of ruin.
    Push them over the edge.

    On 11/24/12, surgeon to operate on you? Just wondering. Ahahahahha. nfm
    > On 11/24/12, And all the TFA scabs want to "make a difference." wrote:
    >> Yeppers, when someone has zero qualifications to teach, then they are
    >> "passionate" about teaching and "really want to make a difference."
    >> That is why when principals talk about their 21 year old know nothing
    >> teachers, they describe their "young, energetic teachers" who they
    >> always claim "have a passion for teaching." Translation, I hire naive,
    >> submissive yes people who will do whatever I tell them and never stand
    >> up to me.
    >> Ah hahahahahahha. Am I laughing because it is so funny or to stop from
    >> crying? I don't know. You tell me.
    >> On 11/24/12, Man-Bear-Pig wrote:
    >>> I love how this liar said he got into education because he has a
    >>> "passion" for it. That is why he became an accountant. I want him
    >>> to teach my class for a week, his passion will be down the toilet.
    >>> This clown could not in a million years get a job as an account as
    >>> he gets paid for his "passion" for education. He is just a parasite
    >>> looking for a job. Period.
    >>> On 11/23/12, Watcher wrote:
    >>>> Yeah, they paid for Pedro Martinez to move to LV from Reno when
    >>>> he was named Superintendent of Curriculum, but that was only
    >>>> because he knew nothing about curriculum, has never taught a day
    >>>> in life and doesn't have a teaching license. Oh, and he also got
    >>>> a house rent free for a year. That was not enough for Pedro as
    >>>> he moved back to Reno a year later to become Super. The school
    >>>> board ignored the blank piece of paper that he calls a resume and
    >>>> claims he is very passionate. Are you very passionate?
    >>>> On 11/18/12, anon wrote:
    >>>>> The answer is no unless you are a top administrator such as a
    >>>>> superintendent or other person in the executive cabinet.
    >>>>> This is true for virtually every school district in America.
    >>>>> Teachers are a dime a dozen, and districts aren't going to
    >>>>> cater to them in any big way.
    >>>>> On 11/18/12, 2grteacher wrote:
    >>>>>> Just curious if CCSD pays moving costs at all ? I'm
    >>>>>> assuming it's no, but thought I'd ask.