Re: Latest Turd from the Review-Urinal
    They Want Public Education to Fail.

    On 11/25/12, anon wrote:
    > On 11/24/12, Justin Brecht - Teacher of the Year (at his
    > school) wrote:
    >> Read the comments. Teachers have had enough.
    > Instead of coming up with our own solutions based on political
    > nonsense, we need to emmulate what successful contries do. Pay
    > ALL teachers well while providing small class sizes (Finland),
    > send kids who are socialized and ready to learn (Asia), divide
    > students into college-bound and technical groups and teach
    > according to tracking (most of the planet Earth does this).
    > But no, we don't care about real answers. We just want to
    > lower taxes (by only paying the top 10% of teachers a good
    > salary) and give corperate welfare (charter schools). America
    > makes me sick.

    They want public education to fail, so Jeb Bush and Bill Gates
    can open their private computer based schools paying some
    babysitter $18,000 a year to supervise the computer lab. Big
    bucks saved on salary and benefits. NCLB was a guaranteed
    failure. How is a school going to be 100% proficient?
    Impossible. This was justification for the federal government to
    take over education from the states. The Teachers Unions LET
    THEM DO IT. It would have never passed a Democrat Congress if
    they were pro-teacher, but the Democrats are pro-union. You
    know, the people who give them kickback with our dues. The
    Unions supported NCLB, no matter how bad it was for teachers. It
    was all of that nice federal money that was going to be pumped
    into bloated school districts to HIRE more people, of course,
    all of them paying union dues. That is what it was all about.
    Nothing about leaving children behind.