Re: Another Clown Republican in the Review-Urinal

    On 11/29/12, Please make comments wrote:
    > Idiot Joe Schillmoeller: "we see teachers swarming hearings
    > and demanding increases in pay, benefits and other goodies
    > while the rest of society is taking it on the chin? There
    > are many problems with the school system in this state -
    > and teachers pay and outrageous benefits ARE part of the
    > problem."
    > Can anyone tell me which hearings were swarmed by teachers,
    > and what "goodies" they demanded in addition to their
    > "outrageous benefits?" This is the kind of Sophist, knuckle
    > dragging, jealous white trash out there who want to see us
    > all living under bridges. You do not nothing about this
    > garbage, you will be living under a bridge eventually.

    Nevada teachers are SO screwed. Then the state has that
    horrible state superintendent who is openly hostile to the
    very existence of public education.

    Teachers make squat down there; when I worked there I made
    just enough to pay my bills and have a little left over.
    However, as a single person I could in no way afford to buy a
    house or a condo. That was right before the 2008 crash. The
    benefits, other than PERS, were crummy. With PERS, you get
    shafted out of part of your Social Security if you are a
    midcareer changer. Last and not least, teachers have NO real
    rights against abusive administrators and have no real union