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Hi. I am returning to Ohio after 4 years of teaching in Florida. DOE told me that my certification area was like a gold ticket. Has anyone else with that certification found it easier to find a teaching job? Just curious... Stay Warm! Kathy
barb/Oh I am emplyed in Ohio and found it difficult to find a job because of previous experience. I gave up all my years outside of Ohio to be hired. I had 8 years outside of OHio. I was hired 5 years ago and they had to give me my 4 years of subbing (full time building sub). It kind of stinks, but at least I have a job in a stable district with a nice inc...See More
Jan 25, 2009
mike Hi Kathy,

I have the 1-8 certificate and k-12 computer technology. I am a long term substitute now in a computer position and private schools (catholic) like that certificate. I am curious about where you taught at in Florida. I was going to move down there myself in 2005 and 2006 but stayed in northeast ohio. I have no plains on moving do...See More
Mar 12, 2009

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