Re: Should I go back to my parapro job???

    I hope this doesn't sound crazy, but I must ask: are you
    certified to teach in the public schools as well? (I assume
    you are, I just don't know all the rules with charter/private
    schools.) If you are, then I think you should strongly
    consider taking the parapro job, but I would pointedly ask
    the school district if there will be any chance of you being
    RIF'ed in the near future. (And if that's the case, I'd keep
    your current job, much as I hate to say it.) Why change?

    -You'll get out of a stressful work situation. No one should
    have to work under the pressure that you have described.

    -You'll be on the inside whenever a teaching job opens up for
    which you are qualified. We have a teacher in our building
    who worked for the district for years as a parapro, went to
    college on the side and got her teaching degree, and was
    promptly hired that summer. Your principal can see how you
    are with kids and get a feel for you. Being employed as a
    parapro won't make you a shoe-in for a teaching job, but I'm
    sure it'll help.

    -Getting out now while you can still pull off some type of
    positive job recommendation from your current employer will
    be better than waiting for them to drum up some drama as to
    why you were a terrible employer.

    I wish you the best of luck. I'm guessing you have already
    come to this conclusion (based on your comments), and you
    just needed someone to say that taking a pay cut (and benefit
    loss) isn't crazy. My DH took a lower paying job because of
    some significant negative stress (in a non-ed field), and he
    has never regretted it. The weight off his shoulders was
    well worth the $$.

    On 3/03/09, frustrated ohio teacher needs advice please
    > I teach first grade at a charter/private school here in
    > Ohio. I was offered my parapro job back at a public
    > school for the fall of 2009, they got some funding back I
    > guess. The school we work in is a constant battle where
    > fear and intimidation is an everyday thing...Many of us
    > are constantly threatened to be fired or written up (like
    > they're trying to build a case against us if they ever
    > were to fire you) for everything...most of which has
    > nothing to do with the actual job of teaching!
    > I am afraid to buy a home since you never know if you're
    > going to get fired or not! The staff of about 40 has
    > about 35 people who are not happy, and are looking
    > everyday for something else. We try our best to support
    > each other.
    > I am looking for advice on whether to take my old job back
    > even though I will make very little money and lose my
    > benefits, which I am very healty and can able to pay for
    > them for a while on my own. I fear that if the
    > administration fires at will, which they will just to
    > prove a point, then I will have no job, while if I take my
    > para job back I will have a job, make hardly any money but
    > at least be safe and have some income and still be in the
    > teaching field.
    > I won't have this back up job forever so I just needed
    > someone else's thoughts...I was told that sometimes its
    > better to take a job that may be lower on the food chain,
    > if it will take you places in the end. I find it hard to
    > be a successful teacher at this school I am at now, with
    > the constant intimidation and threats. Any thoughts or
    > has anyone been in this situation before??? I would
    > appreciate any advice. :o)