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I teach first grade at a charter/private school here in Ohio. I was offered my parapro job back at a public school for the fall of 2009, they got some funding back I guess. The school we work in is a constant battle where fear and intimidation is an everyday thing...Many of us are constantly threatened to be fired or written up (like they're trying to build a case against us if they ever were to fire you) for everything...most of which has nothing to do with the actual job of teaching!

I am afraid to buy a home since you never know if you're going to get fired or not! The staff of about 40 has about 35 people who are not happy, and are looking everyday for something else. We try our best to support each other.

I am looking for advice on whether to take my old job back even though I will make very little money and lose my benefits, which I am very healty and can able to pay for them for a while on my own. I fear that if the administration fires at will, which they wil...See More
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to pksped I am certified but jobs are scarce in Ohio...I know it's not just me when the MAJORITY of the staff is unhappy/miserable and we are constantly being hammered on. As a charter we have no sick days, no personal days, and if they dismiss you they DON'T have to pay you in the summer even though you've earned that $$. We are scared to call in sick, beca...See More
Mar 3, 2009
pksped Because jobs are so scarce, any other time I probably would have suggested that you keep any teaching job that you have. You are right - moving to a parapro job would be a step backward, and that would have its own related stress. The ONLY reason why I suggested changing (and waiting/hoping)is because of the negative work environment of your curren...See More
Mar 4, 2009
j as an ohio charter school veteran of 6 years i feel your pain. in a similar situation, i decided to do a form of paraprofessional work for the local public schools. i am still in the inner-city, but it is leaps and bounds different.

what my husband and i lost in salary and benefits, we have more than made up for in my general happiness an...See More
Mar 16, 2009
question to j so basically it was worth it? I figure it would be a massive pay cut but at least I'll still be working in my field. I don't know if it's worth it to work in a "don't know if I'll have a job tomorrow" kind of place...no secutiry and lots of stress and worries, not to mention a miserable staff. ugh!

On 3/16/09, j wrote: > as an ohio char...See More
Mar 16, 2009
j for me, personally, it was absolutely worth it. there is not a day that i regret leaving. sometimes i wish i had more money, but sanity was worth it.

On 3/16/09, question to j wrote: > so basically it was worth it? I figure it would be a massive pay cut but > at least I'll still be working in my field. I don't know if it's worth >...See More
Mar 17, 2009

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