Re: Should I go back to my parapro job???

    as an ohio charter school veteran of 6 years i feel your pain. in a
    similar situation, i decided to do a form of paraprofessional work for
    the local public schools. i am still in the inner-city, but it is
    leaps and bounds different.

    what my husband and i lost in salary and benefits, we have more than
    made up for in my general happiness and peace of mind.

    i am curious what charter school you are working for...i have worked
    for a few. i wanted to start a union a few years back because their
    treatment of employees disgusted me. like you, i had no sick or
    personal days. if someone was absent, there was no sub. we had to come
    in saturdays and stay after school and teach extended day classes for
    no pay. everything was ruled by fear and everyone was miserable.

    feel free to contact me @ and maybe we can take
    on these charters together. best of luck with this difficult decision.

    On 3/04/09, pksped wrote:
    > Because jobs are so scarce, any other time I probably would have
    > suggested that you keep any teaching job that you have. You are
    > right - moving to a parapro job would be a step backward, and that
    > would have its own related stress. The ONLY reason why I suggested
    > changing (and waiting/hoping)is because of the negative work
    > environment of your current employment. I know in my distict,
    > there were ZERO elementary openings in the 2008-2009 school year,
    > and that is unheard of. There is always a little bit of shuffling
    > around (a couple people retiring, a couple people moving, etc). I
    > think with the economy, teachers are holding on to what they have
    > more than ever. I know that is NO help to job seekers like
    > yourself. In my building, we'll have one person retire this year,
    > but due to downsizing (in another grade level), the position won't
    > be filled with outside resources.
    > I hope you find a solution that works for you...and helps you keep
    > your sanity.