Re: Charter School or Substitute?
    Former Charter school teacher

    Substitute! I worked in a charter school last year it was the worst
    year of my life! I wish so much I had substituted instead. There
    was no support for discipline or children with special needs. The
    administration did not respect teachers at all. And with no union,
    there wasn't much teachers could do. I had children with SEVERE
    special needs in my classroom with no aide. The students recieved
    no special education services at all in violation of their IEP. The
    administration just told me "Oh if you could control your class
    better this child would be fine". I had to buy all the supplies for
    my classroom with my own money. The school gave me desks and that
    was it. Then an administrator had the nerve to tell me she didn't
    like how my room was set up. Although, administrators would not
    spend money so that I could have classroom supplies, they sure paid
    themselves well. They were constantly buying new houses, new cars,
    going on extended vacations in the middle of the year and bragging
    to all the teachers about it. I wish I could rewind the year and
    never have taken the job. I would have saved myself so much grief!

    On 6/29/09, Unsure wrote:
    > Thanks for replying. I teach K-3.
    > On 6/26/09, Elizabeth wrote:
    >> husband just got hired in a district where he did a
    >> LT sub job. I believe the positive references you get from
    >> other teachers in a district have a HUGE impact on hiring
    >> decisions. When an administrator has hundreds of resumes to
    >> scan through, he needs something to set you apart. If you
    >> have been in the district and have a good reputation, that's
    >> something!
    >> What do you teach??
    >> On 6/25/09, Unsure wrote:
    >>> I recently lost my 4 year teaching position in an Ohio
    >>> suburb due to a failed levy and layoffs. My question now
    >>> is, if I am not fortunate enough to land another position,
    >>> do I choose to sub in a potential district or do I apply
    >>> for a charter school where I will most likely get hired? I
    >>> can afford to sub for one year but that's it. I would miss
    >>> not having a class full of my own students but I would have
    >>> the opportunity to make a name for myself. Are there any
    >>> good charter schools in the Columbus area? I have heard
    >>> nothing but negative feedback on charter schools. Please
    >>> help!