Re: studying for the PLT exam
    some advice

    Just some advice on taking the PLT. I was tol when i took it to
    be sure to answer the extended response questions using a lot of
    teacher jargon that you learned in school. Be sure to do a lot
    of name dropping....Piaget, etc. Also, answer the questions the
    way you were taught the "real world" works while you were in
    teacher prep (although any real teacher knows what they teach
    you in teacher college is not even close to the real world).
    Hope it helps and good luck to the both of you.

    On 10/06/09, Robert wrote:
    > On 8/29/09, divinity29 wrote:
    >> I need to study for the PLT exam and I need LOTS of help.
    >> Are there any candidates who have struggled with taking the
    >> exam and need a study partner??? Please respond back if
    >> this is you.
    > I am in the process of retaking it again the next go round. I
    > missed it by 6 points the first time. If your in the area I
    > would like to study with you becasue its been over a year
    > since I took the test. Mine is in secondary education. What
    > is yours?