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I keep reading posts about how hard it is for experienced teachers to get jobs in NE Ohio. I am moving to Madison, Ohio (east of Cleveland-near Mentor) in June. I am certified special ed and reading. I have a Masters and 9 years exp. Please tell me where in NE Ohio you are talking about. I'm willing to take a lower pay step...I'm moving from Georgia where they pay us in turnup greens and gave us three furlough days this semester with an undisclosed amount of furlough days to come in the spring.
rmbiber Check out ODE Jobs link and I would suggest looking in Northwestern PA (across the border from OH) as well. Pennsylvania tends to pay better and cross over certification should not be too bad. But Special Education is where it is at up here. I am a displaced Alternative School teacher (funding lost) and am going to start working on my Special Ed. l...See More
Nov 19, 2009
To Nervous Future Relocator I too moved to NE Ohio from Georgia. While the pay is less (not too keen on the turnip greens comment) at least your qualifications are the emphasis there. My former principal separates the resumes into three different piles according to degree and ALWAYS goes to the highest stack first. I have 10 years of experience and a Masters as well. In GA yo...See More
Nov 21, 2009
Ohio Free-Tech 2010 Ohio Free-Tech is looking for presenters for an upcoming conference. Please review our Web site. We would welcome the opportunity for you and your fellow educators to attend, and even present if you feel comfortable. We will discuss new ways to integrate technology into your curriculum. Plus, earn graduate credits by attending. Space is limited. Pr...See More
Nov 30, 2009
M.Ken First a vent...Getting a teaching job with an elementary degree is a challenge and it does come down to who you know in a lot of districts. I live in a rural district in southwest Ohio and was unable to get an interview for an elementary special education position at an elementary building in my own school district that I have resided in for over 2...See More
Nov 30, 2009

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