Re: Jobs in NE Ohio

    Check out ODE Jobs link and I would suggest looking in
    Northwestern PA (across the border from OH) as well.
    Pennsylvania tends to pay better and cross over certification
    should not be too bad. But Special Education is where it is
    at up here. I am a displaced Alternative School teacher
    (funding lost) and am going to start working on my Special
    Ed. liscensure. Also check out Careeer Connections I have
    seen Special Ed. Ohio jobs there as well. Best of luck! Job
    hunting does bite the big one.

    On 11/19/09, you're making me nervous wrote:
    > I keep reading posts about how hard it is for experienced
    > teachers to get jobs in NE Ohio. I am moving to Madison,
    > Ohio (east of Cleveland-near Mentor) in June. I am
    > certified special ed and reading. I have a Masters and 9
    > years exp. Please tell me where in NE Ohio you are talking
    > about. I'm willing to take a lower pay step...I'm moving
    > from Georgia where they pay us in turnup greens and gave us
    > three furlough days this semester with an undisclosed
    > amount of furlough days to come in the spring.