Re: Union
    Application vs Regurgitation

    I am an experienced teacher and it is only within the last few years that
    I have truly sat back and thought about the quality of education that I
    was providing to students. Confused is absolutely correct. Teaching
    science with worksheets is not teaching. It is simply providing
    information. The students MUST be able to apply the knowledge and not
    just regurgitate the information back on paper. The same is true of
    mathematics. As an elementary teacher I began to see that my students
    were only memorizing how to computate and not truly understanding
    mathematics. We tend to teach the way we were taught and go through the
    teacher's editions as if that were the only way to teach. Teachers need
    to understand mathematics and science in order to teach it so that
    students understand and can apply the knowledge. Unfortunately, unions
    do protect those who think have "that is the way I have always done it"
    mentality. Technology has made our students demand that be actively
    involved in their education and sitting listening to a lecture in science
    is not active. I have worked in both union and nonunion states and
    although it is good to have some sort of protection against unfair
    treatment I do not think that I could walk away from a classroom of
    students simply because I wasn't getting paid extra for parent conference
    time after school.

    On 1/18/10, Confused? wrote:
    > Any science teacher who teaches science with worksheets should be fired,
    > how about that? Get off your "eye of the beholder" crap. That's
    > exactly why bad teachers keep their jobs. It's called adapt to the new
    > learning styles or get out. Stale teachers need not apply.
    > On 1/18/10, Just saying. wrote:
    >> How do you know there are terrible science teachers in the area?
    >> Good teaching/poor teaching is ALL in the eye of the beholder. The
    >> person that I learn best from may be completely different from your
    >> idea of a "good teacher".
    >> Just because someone has been doing it for several years does not
    >> mean that their ideas are stale.
    >> On 12/31/09, Confused? wrote:
    >>> I taught for a while at a few local colleges (part time) since I
    >>> have my PhD in Genetics. I got to know a lot students and
    >>> teachers in the area. I decided to get my teacher license because
    >>> I would have a steady job and I can teach. I would rather teach
    >>> in a private school, but beggars cannot be choosers.
    >>> With that, there are some terrible science teachers in the area.
    >>> For no other reason other than the union/politics, they still have
    >>> a job. It's unfortunate that younger teachers cannot get a chance
    >>> because they have 20 yrs invested, but have no business teaching
    >>> our youth.
    >>> Just like sports, teaching should be performance based. You don't
    >>> want to do anything, fine, you don't get a raise. The concept of
    >>> unions were good 80 years ago, but now they promote mediocrity for
    >>> our students. Protecting too many teachers that should not be in
    >>> the schools.
    >>> It is not an accident that Ohio public schools (as a whole) has a
    >>> bottom 10 state ranking in the US, with the likes of WV,
    >>> Mississippi and others. Using computerize data analysis is an
    >>> effective way to assess teacher/student performance.
    >>> On 12/31/09, Just Curious wrote:
    >>>> Why do you not want to join the union? I was just curious. In
    >>>> my district you don't have to join but you still have to pay
    >>>> a large fee that is only 10 dollars less than the fee that
    >>>> members pay. Happy New Year!
    >>>> On 12/24/09, Confused? wrote:
    >>>>> Hi, I am looking for information regarding joining the union
    >>>>> when I become a teacher next spring.
    >>>>> I DO NOT want to join. Do I have to join? It is against my
    >>>>> principles to join a union. I am just looking into it now
    >>>>> so I can defend myself later.
    >>>>> Thanks for your time.