Re: Northwest Classen fires gay teacher
    Annonymous for legal reasons!

    On 5/12/09, Anonymous for good reason wrote:
    > I heard on the news that NW Classen fired Joe Quigley,
    > quite possibly due to his continued support and advocacy
    > for LGBT students and the Gay/Straight Alliance.
    > I am NOT looking to start a morality war on this board. My
    > ONLY question is - is 'sexual orientation' a protected
    > status with the Oklahoma State Board of Education?
    > Again - I am NOT looking to start a morality war with
    > several posts regarding anyone's opinion, I just want this
    > question answered.
    > Thank you.

    No, it is not protected. I was fired in November because I
    was being 'openly' gay with my adult co-workers (some, not
    all). I was told by my OEA lawyer that since the Oklahoma
    Legislature passed the bill that superintendents could fire
    anyone for 'cause' that there had been a witch-hunt amongst
    known gay teachers in Oklahoma. If you are gay and teaching
    in Oklahoma, better stay within the protection of your
    closet! It is utterly shameful that the citizens of Oklahoma
    allow and approve of this type of discrimination in the 21st