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Hi and howdy! I'm a certified theatre/speech teacher looking to move to the Tulsa area this summer, due to my husband's job transfer. I am working on my OK certification, but I'm looking for information on the following... 1. What grade levels usually teach speech/drama? 2. Are either usually a 1 semester class or a full-year course? 3. How many classes/periods are usually taught in a day? 4. Does OK do block scheduling for high school? 5. What professional association does OK have? (I have done an exhaustive search, but cannot locate one for public school educators) 6. If you hear of any vacancies in your district, would you please let me know?

Thank you so much for any information you can provide! Sincerely, Jane O.
spchtchr Welcome to Oklahoma! I have been a speech/theater teacher here for 17 years. I think I can answer some of your questions:

> 1. What grade levels usually teach speech/drama? In smaller school districts, speech/drama is 9-12, but larger districts have speech/drama in 6-8 as well.

> 2. Are either usually a 1 semester class or a...See More
Jan 25, 2010
Jane O. Thank you SO MUCH for your information! Would you be willing to email me directly at jane.[email removed];
Jan 25, 2010
Emily W. Hi Jane,

The professional association here in Oklahoma is called Professional Oklahoma Educators. We provide $2 million liability coverage at a rate of $215/yr. for certified teachers. We also provide lobbying and legal services as well as a members-only discount card to local businesses. For more information, please visit our website at [...See More
Jan 26, 2010
spchtchr I think she was asking about speech/theater organizations, but the POE is an organization for educators of all stripes, including administrators. Am I right? It's a more conservative organization than the NEA, I think. In our district we have teachers who are members of POE as well as teachers who are members of our local NEA affiliate.

Je...See More
Feb 2, 2010
spchtchr Jane: I e-mailed you back channel. Hope to hear from you!
Feb 2, 2010

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