Re: MAT degree vs. Masters of Ed.
Elder Gerod K. Macon, BA

    On 12/12/04, rebel wrote:
    > You need to compare specific programs, not degrees. I got my
    > Masters of Science Education-TESOL (MSEd-TESOL) degree because
    > it was best for me. How are you marketing yourself to the
    > school districts? Figure out what you want first, then compare
    > schools and programs. Look at length of program, required
    > classes, comprehensive exams (no thank you!), cost, transfer
    > in credit option, etc. You should start seeing some points
    > that are more appealing and others that are less so.
    > Hope that helps.
    > On 12/06/04, Shelley wrote:
    >> I am confused. What is the main difference between MAT
    >> degree and Masters of Ed. degree? I want to teach
    >> elementary school in Oregon and need to get a masters
    >> degree for a continuing license. Does anyone know the pros
    >> and cons for either degrees? I have a bachelors degree and
    >> have a California teaching credential. Thank you for
    >> anyone who can help me. Greetings,

    The higher degree is the MED degree. It is the most appealing as
    it relates to school districts. Are you more interested in
    pursuing administration in Education? Then go after the MEd. It
    will open opportunities to teach collegiately, but more than
    that "Go after your Dreams!"