Re: Teaching positions - to anon

    Hi Anon

    I think you misunderstood my comment and sorry I didn't
    make it clearer. I wasn't referring to you in my comment
    on getting away from negativity but referring to my own
    negative comments. I TOTALLY 100% agree with all you have
    said below. But I find people who have decided they want to
    teach aren't able to hear this. Most of them have bought
    hook, line and sinker that we negative teachers are simply
    lazy whiners with a bad attitude. THEY will be able to rise
    above and do what we couldn't. Of course then they start
    teaching and are in for the shock of their lives.

    Given that people probably won't change their mind based on
    what I say, I try to steer them in the direction of at
    least an alternate plan. And finding a way in the door
    that cost them the least amount of money. That's what I
    was trying to do but maybe was a little too positive in my

    btw....I taught for 30 years and retired earlier than I
    intended last spring. The last few years I kept getting too
    sick from stress to keep it up. Also decided I'm young
    enough to start a second career and find out about the
    world outside of education. I really do understand what
    you wrote and what teaching has become. It is not a career
    I would choose again given the direction it's going.

    For 25 years I taught low income inner city with all the
    home problems and rotten tests scores that come with these
    kids. The last few years my system cared only about test
    scores. Nothing I did could get scores up when kids don't
    know where they're living, have parents in jail, are teen
    parents, come to school to deal drugs, can't read .... This
    is a school that experienced teachers should be at but
    it's brand new teachers that being placed in it. My job
    went to a young 20-something TfA student. You are correct
    in saying most the jobs that open will be in places no one
    else wants.

    Take care and thanks for adding to the conversation

    On 2/24/12, anon wrote:
    > I don't take kindly to people accusing me of
    > "negativity" when what I say is
    > the truth. Anybody who goes into this field in this day
    > and age, and especially if they are over 40, needs to
    > have his or her head examined. Read the news reports
    > from districts all over the United States of the
    > neverending war against teachers and public education
    > and the move toward privatization.
    > The ONLY reason any district would be wanting teachers
    > is because it is a terrible district to be a teacher.
    > States are slashing education budgets, so which
    > "southern" state is recruiting for teachers?
    > Florida, perhaps the worst state in the country for
    > teachers? Georgia?
    > Districts target older teachers for termination because
    > they are deemed "too expensive," which
    > includes increased health insurance premiums. It isn't
    > just salary or pensions that figure into expenses, you
    > know.
    > I don't want some naive person going into thousands or
    > tens of thousands of dollars in debt to train for a
    > "career" where the employers don't regard him
    > or her as a professional but as somebody who can be
    > used up and abused by the system in a year or two and
    > then be thrown out in the street, never to be able to
    > ever resume a career in education, not even as a
    > classified employee.