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Thinking of changing career to teaching after being laid off from previous profession. Is it wise idea to jump in at this time from employment point of view?
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ellie Hi Anon

I think you misunderstood my comment and sorry I didn't make it clearer. I wasn't referring to you in my comment on getting away from negativity but referring to my own negative comments. I TOTALLY 100% agree with all you have said below. But I find people who have decided they want to teach aren't able to hear this. Most of them ...See More
Feb 25, 2012
Totally agree with anon--stay away from teaching Anon is telling it like it is.

As far as what the person "in the south" had to say about schools being so desperate for teachers that they are hiring them from india, this is a big trick.

I have watched Baltimore City schools do this with filipino teachers. It is not really because they can't get American teachers. It is because...See More
Jul 20, 2012
Julie in TX I just wanted to say that I remember coming on this board 9 years ago and hearing every negative thing imaginable about how terrible and unattainable teaching would be. I wanted to teach more than anything, so I continued with my education. When I graduated in May in NM, I had 3 interviews and was hired on without much difficulty for the following ...See More
Jul 27, 2012
Undergrad/Masters from Oregon The story seems the same year after year. When I graduated the lack of timber industry was the big reason of so many lay offs. 3 people from my class got half time jobs in varying parts of the state. I landed a full time job in California about a month after the regular school year started. I may have been the only full time teacher out of my group...See More
Sep 15, 2012
anon Oregon has LOTS of classified help in the school districts; unfortunately, at least in Jackson County school districts, the majority of classified help is part-time with NO benefits. The "game" seems to work like this: You have to get in the sub pool for classified help, and then they move you into part-time work if they like you enough. Then after...See More
Sep 15, 2012

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