Re: Infinite Campus Woes
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    On 7/14/07, maggie wrote: It was refreshing to read through these posts and see an account
    manager for IC respond but he or she seems to have gone silent.

    Most of my colleagues use blackboard and are very happy with it's
    capability. I am not sure why campus is not repsonsive to the needs
    of teachers in terms of replicating all of the features of current
    popular grade books mentioned here. Giving the time intensive nature
    of teaching, making the grade book work to the meet the need of
    teachers in terms of ease of use seems like it should be a high

    However, in practice, I have had experiences like: the seating chart
    claims that you can swap around students. But in reality, once a
    student is moved to a new seat, the other student disappears and must
    be re-entered. When new user encounter these false claims, they lose
    faith in the product. Also, the color coding scheme in the walkin in
    scheduler that is supposed to tell counselors when course are full
    does not work. If any section of a course offered in the period is
    full the period shows up red. The fact that both of these problems
    are known bugs that campus is not planning on fixing only add to

    I like the product and it has great potential, but all of it's
    advertised features should work...period. And future releases should
    address known bugs...period.

    Thoughs and feedback welcome.