Re: Looking Elementary Spanish Teacher Position in Nashville
Maestra Stacey

    I currenntly use Viva el Espanol- Systems A and B (there are
    more levels, but it takes me 4 years to get the kids through
    those 2 levels!) They are great. They are from the Wright Group,
    McGraw-Hill. If you contact them, they are amazing at sending
    out samples and keeping in contact. Also, I decided to stay at my current job...I absolutely love
    it, but the pay is AWFUL!! That's really the only reason I was
    looking for another job, but I decided to stay one more year to
    get a better program put in place for them.

    On 6/19/07, Tricia wrote:
    > On 5/26/07, Hola wrote:
    >> On 4/10/07, Maestra Stacey wrote:
    >>> I'm having the hardest time finding job postings for
    >>> teachers in Nashville! I've taught Spanish in elementary
    >>> school- all ages- for 4 years now, and I'm looking for any
    >>> openings in/around Nashville. Anyone know of any available
    >>> positions?
    >>> Gracias!
    >> Glendale Elementary is your best bet. Bilingual School in
    >> Metro Nashville. Good Luck!
    > I happen to come across this post. I have never taught in the
    > elementary classroom only high school. I am looking into a
    > position in an elementary school teaching Spanish. Can you
    > suggest a particular curriculum or program you follow? It
    > would be so much easier if I had a guideline to follow. thank
    > you. I hope you have luck in your job search.