Re: I need some advice

    On 2/15/08, Anthony wrote:
    > Memphis is always looking for people... read into that as
    > you wish.I noticed that Georgia seems to have a huge need for
    counselors. Go to the site Teach Georgia. There is a need
    for counselors on every grade level.
    > On 2/09/08, Darlene Steele wrote:
    >> Can anyone tell me where there is the greatest demand for
    >> elementary teachers and guidance counselors? I currently
    >> hold these two certifications. I do have three years
    >> teaching experience, but due to lack of funds our private
    >> school closed for good a few years ago. I have been in the
    >> lurch every since! I have worked as a full-time
    >> substitute, special needs aide - twice, and 13 months as a
    >> community education director. I was laid off from that
    >> position last June due to budget cuts in our district.
    >> That was after driving regularly to Frankfort, Kentucky
    >> for 13 months of training.
    >> I live in southeastern Kentucky. I am not having any luck
    >> finding a position. I currently work as a "special needs
    >> aide" in hopes that I can secure employment. Our numbers
    >> have went down, so there aren't many teaching positions
    >> available. I have lived in Kentucky for years, but
    >> Michigan is my home state. I am curious if there might be
    >> any critical shortage areas there or wherever. I am also
    >> an older woman, and I see mostly younger people with
    >> connections getting the jobs in my area! I was told by a
    >> principal(when I made that remark a few months ago)that I
    >> live in the mountains, and that tends to happen. I know
    >> that I am a good teacher. I can go right in to the
    >> classroom and do what a teachers does with no problem. I
    >> feel as if my education is going to waste! I appreciate
    >> any advice. Thank you!
    >> Darlene