Re: Teaching job

    On 2/02/09, baffled and bemused wrote:
    > Cronyism has taken place in hiring since the days of Plato and
    > Socrates, nothing new there. Now you know why most of our
    > public schools have a lamentable reputation. No one holds TN
    > to a higher standard, the bar was permanently lowered decades
    > ago. Why would you want to teach in TN anyway?
    > On 2/01/09, Jamie Manor wrote:
    >> I know, I am licensed physical education teacher, and I got
    >> passed over this past fall by someone who is on an alternative
    >> II because they were buddies with the assistant athletic
    >> director at the school.
    >> On 9/23/08, Me wrote:
    >>> Its impossible to get a teaching job unless you work in
    >>> the inner cities or are related to the school board.
    >>> Anyone that says they got the job and didn't know someone
    >>> is crazy...Subbing, well people in our area aub for over
    >>> five years only for positions to go to recent grads that
    >>> are related to the school board!!! Stinks. i owe money to
    >>> school loans with no job to pay them. I wish college would
    >>> have prepared me for that one!!

    Sadly, this seems to be true. I was recently overlooked for one
    of several interim positions at a local school in East Tennessee.
    I asked the principal why I was not considered... she actually
    used this as a reason: try to higher people who have paid their
    dues. Initially I was just happy to have been given a response.
    Then I thought, "why would a professional admin use THAT type of
    criteria to hire someone as important as a teacher!?!?"
    Later a teacher from the same school told me she was hired (fresh
    out of college) because her professor put in a word for her. /sigh
    Oh, and one of the positions... taken by a retired teacher
    (another 'friend' I presume).

    Since I don't 'know' anyone... and I've never been (nor want to
    be) a brown-noser... I wonder if I'll ever get hired!