Re: Are teachers needed in Tennessee?
    Jaime Kerns

    On 10/23/09, Alyssa wrote:
    > hi, I'm from New York and working on my bachelors in
    > regular and special education, but my dream is to move to
    > tennessee once i'm done with my masters as i work in the
    > city, but i'm curious is tennessee in need of teachers or
    > is it like here where there are no jobs?
    > Thanks so much in advanced!

    I know for a fact that in Hamilton County that they are always
    in need of those w/ special ed backgrounds...have you thought
    about getting your vision license? What about other areas of
    spec. ed.

    They always clamor of having no money but we keep getting more we have to have the teachers.

    Definitely start the process ASAP as to when you want your
    job. Start contacting personel about positions, etc....

    I teach in Ham. county, my mom taught here for 22yrs in
    special ed, my mominlaw is a principal so...I've practically
    grown up in this system.

    One thing though, get used to the southern culture of business
    and formalities...I'm not joking. A sister of mine moved near
    Princeton last year and it's been a culture shock for her and
    the company she's with (it's a national company). The company
    had no idea how to work w/ their clients in South Carolina or's different. The same goes for the new
    automotive industry coming to town. Having had some of the
    officials over (from another country), they've really
    struggled with how casual, yet formal/polite, the society is.
    Getting down to business means a whole other thing down here
    and if you want to make a good impression, be polite, very
    friendly and don't forget your manners (yes ma'am, etc) It's
    very political down here and people remember attitudes more
    than quality of teaching