Re: Chattanooga
    a teacher and mom

    On 7/01/10, Missing MI wrote:
    > Have a friend moving to the Chattanooga area. Where are
    > the good schools?

    Normal Park Museum Magnet is considered the best, and has
    received national awards for such. It's K-8. and my kids go
    there. It has a TINY zone and receives some magnet students.

    CSAS (k-12) and CSLA(k-8, that feeds to CSAS) are also very
    good. CCA is a creative arts school (6-12) that is 2nd in the
    area for ACT/SAT scores, no sports though.

    Any school out of the central city area is also a good bet.

    DOn't get me wrong, we have great teachers everywhere, but the
    reality is that the schools that have more parental
    involvement and community involvement are the schools outside
    the city limits....

    You can always look at the test scores but that doesn't show
    the reality of the school. You can look at the racial mix,
    but again, that doesn't show how the school works and how
    well the students interact. Best of luck.