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Hello Washingtonians,

I am very new to this chat board. As a matter of fact I
live in Florida and have never been to Washington (west
coast) in my life. However, I have always wanted to
experience something new and different. I do not know my
way in Washington, safe areas to live and work, least
expensive,etc. Just to let you know I have my masters
degree in School Guidance and Counseling. I am a black
single female. I am very flexible and open to moving to
new places. I just do not know where to begin. Washington
is so big but I just want to know where the safest places
to live are. I am very interested in trying out this
state. I am scared of earthquakes though!!! Any advice
would be appreciated. I know Washington has so many
counties and areas but I just want some advice. Oh, I am
also 31 years of age. I really enjoy suburban
neighborhoods. I do not mind working in the city but I
would w...See More
wateacher /blockquote>

Hello Tasha,
Washington is a great place to live and work. I myself am
from the Spokane area which is beautiful. Depending on where
you want to live Washington really has it all. If you're a
city person Seattle and the surrounding areas are great.
There are good suburban neighborhoods no matter where you ...See More
Sep 16, 2007
spokanenative /blockquote>

the aquifer is heavily chlorinated and has a bad taste. i
prefer bottled spring water
Oct 5, 2007

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