Re: WEST E elemen. ed test

    On 9/04/09, Jb wrote:
    > Hi, I'm taking the West-E elementary ed (005)& (006) tests
    > soon. Are there any good study guides out there for this
    > particular test? Anything I should focus on in particular?
    > Thx
    I took it in May and did okay. There isn't a writing section
    like on the West-B. I used the resource on the OSPI website
    and a study guide from the old test they used to give (name
    is escaping me at the moment). So much of it is going to come
    from your background knowledge. The most difficult area for
    me was reading evaluation. I don't have the vocabulary yet,
    or the training but I still managed to pass that section (I
    don't start my progam for 2 more weeks, luckily I've spent a
    lot of time in classrooms so I wasn't completely clueless).
    Good luck!