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    Posted by: Paris on 2/25/17
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    Technically it's 20 in grades 5 and above (S.25.111)
    and 22 in grades K-4 (S.25.112), 45 students in PE
    (S.25.114), and there is no limit in fine arts classes.
    From a practical position waivers are available to
    exceed these limits and only two waivers have ever
    been denied since 2000.

    In Texas, push in is called inclusion, and pull out is
    called resource. BMU, life skills are self contained. In
    resource the above limits would apply. In inclusion
    there are no caseload or monitoring/tracking limits.
    There are inclusion teachers that have multiple
    students in different classrooms and the teacher is
    bouncing around between multiple classrooms (I've
    seen as high as four students during a single period, I
    imagine they really get their steps in). Ultimately,
    what the district has to provide is contained in the
    IEP, but few restrictions or limits exist in how a district
    fulfills the IEP in terms of staff. If an IEP says a
    student gets an inclusion teacher for 45 minutes out
    of a period that's what they get, but if the IEP says the
    student will have access to an inclusion teacher
    during a class period than they can have several
    students during the same period in multiple
    It's not uncommon for Sp.Ed teachers to have a full
    schedule during the day and stay to 6 - 8 at night
    doing paperwork and documentation.

    On 2/25/17, M. Whitaker wrote:
    > I am a special education teacher moving to
    > the San Antonio area. What is the teacher-
    > student ratio or the caseload cap in
    > Texas? I will be looking for a job as a
    > resource special education teacher (pull-
    > out or push-in), not a special education
    > job in a self-contained setting.

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