How to clean your carpet like a pro – 6 inside tips you must know

Many people think cleaning carpets is hard work that needs a lot of practice, but let me share with you 6 tips that can help you do the job more efficiently. These tips are from the professionals of TheKingLive, where you can find useful product reviews and house-care-related posts. Let’s dive into the list!            

Tip 1: The right way to clean a stain is blotting, not rubbing 

This tip is especially effective with spills. Rubbing only makes the stain embedded deeper into the carpet while blotting does the opposite, which is helping you soak it up. Always blot from the outside and go toward the center, because doing the other direction will spread the stain even further on your carpet.

Tip 2: Shaving cream is not only used for beard 

Guess what? You can use shaving cream for carpet, too! Of course, we’re not going to use it to trim your carpet. Shaving cream can help you clean various stains efficiently. Just apply the shaving cream on the spot and leave it there for 30 minutes to set. After that, blot it with a white dry cloth and wipe the spot with an equal vinegar-water solution to rinse the shaving cream off.  

Tip 3: Freeze chewing gum is easier to remove  

You go out, you step on chewing gum, you bring it back home and smear it on your carpet without realizing. Now, how to clean carpet when there is chewing gum sticking to it? This kind of mess is the most troublesome one that no one likes to deal with. But the trick to remove chewing gum on the carpet is actually quite simple: take an ice cube in your freezer and put it on the chewing gum to make it harden. Then peel it off and trim the carpet if there is still a little left afterward.

Tip 4: Removing hardened wax with an iron 

A burning candle can drip wax on your carpet and when it hardens after you found out, you can always use an iron to save your carpet. Place a towel over the spot and iron it until the stain becomes semi-liquid, then carefully peel it out. The wax must be hot at this point so don’t forget to protect your fingers from the heat.

Tip 5: Deal with crushed candy  

You know that we shouldn’t let any food spill or drop on the carpet, but our adorable little angels don’t. They may drop candy on the carpet and by the time you find the spot, the candy has already melted and stuck to the carpet. Don’t panic. You can use a butter knife to scrape the candy off first. Then mix water with mild soap to apply on the spot. Make sure you get all the sugar out or else it will be a spot for debris, dust, and dirt to get stuck on easier than in other areas.

Tip 6: Treat your carpet like how you treat your wound 

If you accidentally cut yourself and have a bloodstain on your carpet, here is how you can remove it (after you have treated your wound of course): use a mixture of mild detergent and water to loosen up dried blood, then use a butter knife to scrape off the dried blood on the carpet. If there is still residual blood, apply the hydrogen peroxide on the spot and blot it off after it starts to foam and fizz with a paper towel.

I hope these tips can help you keep your carpet in good condition for a long time. For more informative posts like How to get paint off laminate floors with simple solutions, don’t forget to visit the TheKingLive website.

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