“You have blood jade,” said Shen Qianjiu. “You can ward off all evil spirits and ghosts.” Pointing to Zhang Rui again, “as for his blood, it also has the same effect.” It seems that the blood jade is really divine. Even the corpse of Wang Ye, who was holding him in his mouth, only bit Zhang Rui and could pass on the effect. What’s in the door? I’m stalling. At this time, Shen Qianjiu’s face showed a kind of obscure expression, longing and with a bit of fear: “This is the top of the’Biyou Palace ‘, the place of Fu Gu, which should be the palace where Chi You sleeps.”. According to ancient records, the palace contains the top treasures of the ancient Dian Kingdom, bronze utensils, bronze figurines, everything. In addition, there are ten tombs and shrines. The ten mythical beasts on the shrines are the unique national treasures of the ancient Dian Kingdom. Of course, I’m afraid these things can’t be moved out. “That’s not what you want anyway.” I was coldly sarcastic. Shen Qianjiu was in a good mood to a certain extent. He ignored me and said, “When Xing Tian was building this palace, he exhausted all materials and manpower. Finally, when Chi You’s body was properly placed, he died suddenly in less than a day..” “He’s not dead.” “Yes.”. He didn’t die, but he came back to life. Shen Qianjiu, with a firm belief, said, “Since it takes so much trouble, the things inside are bound to be hard to see in the world.” I interrupted Shen Qianjiu’s fantasy: “No matter how hard it is to see, you only want Phoenix Nirvana.”. You say that only Chiyou can interpret Phoenix Nirvana. Chiyou is dead, but you think I am Chiyou. Isn’t that ridiculous? Want me to become Chiyou to help you read Phoenix Nirvana? Shen Qianjiu snorted coldly: “He can make Xing Tian immortal, can create a phoenix nirvana,heavy duty cantilever racks, will not leave a way out for himself?” “Old Shen,” I said coldly, “the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.” “No.” Shen Qianjiu forcefully rejected, staring at me, eyes full of hope, “I put a trick on you, that is a bet.”. Whether Chiyou can come back to life or not, when you go in, you will have the answer when you untie the evil on your body. “What did you do to me?” I asked. Shen Qianjiu said with a sly smile, “Phoenix Nirvana is inside. I bet you will think of everything when you see Phoenix Nirvana. The ultimate magic should be engraved in the depths of your memory.” His voice suddenly became deep, as if his little paws were scratching his heart. “Li Langyu, you also need what I want. With it, you can stay with my immortal little disciple forever.”. Otherwise, asrs warehouse ,mobile racking systems, are you willing to leave him alone in the world? Can you bear to see him wake up and know that you are a rotten skeleton? Remembering the last words of the incense burner, I said dryly, “This is really tempting to me.” Shen Qianjiu’s face slowly showed a chilling smile: “The most painful thing in the world is to be separated from my lover by Yin and Yang. Once there was a woman who had been with me for a long time. She told me this sentence when she died.”. I’m tired of seeing the worldly wisdom in the world, but I always remember this sentence very clearly, and her expression when she closes her eyes is always unforgettable. Believe me, Li Langyu, when your hair is white and you are dying, you will hope that your life will be extended and that you will live as long as your lover. You will not want him to see your old appearance or your withered and smelly corpse when he digs up your grave. Think about how you felt when you saw those ancient corpses in the coffins. I was silent for a moment. “A woman?” “Humph.” Shen Qianjiu cast his eyes on Zhang Rui who fell to the ground. Fortunately, Zhang Rui can’t see this expression, otherwise I guess he will go on a rampage. I didn’t make a sound. Zhang Rui secretly grabbed my trouser legs to remind me not to be bewitched by the old monster. I thought about it and shouted, “I think if I go in with you, I won’t have to bleed him, and I can get the body of immortality, killing two birds with one stone.” Shen Qianjiu smiled, his eyes shining: “Then you come here.” I took a deep breath, took a step forward, and Zhang Rui grabbed my trouser legs again. I whispered: “You stay here, if there is anything unusual, you must find a way to get me out.”. If I die, take my body out. I believe you. Zhang Rui won’t let go. I said, “I don’t believe in Phoenix Nirvana either, but I want this old man to die!”! If the incense burner and I are destined to be like this, I can keep him until the day I die, and I don’t think I will have any regrets.
But you also found that it was this old man who changed your fate and made your life miserable. If this kind of person does not retaliate against him and does not let him suffer the consequences, I will not be able to live with a good conscience in the future. If he hadn’t bewitched me, the incense burner might not have been so painful to hide a secret. If he hadn’t led me here step by step, I wouldn’t have had to go through such a thing! I said angrily, hurriedly slow down, “the old monster does not let us live well, I can not let him feel better!” ” I felt that the trouser legs were a little loose, and Zhang Rui wavered slightly. My mood is very calm and carefree. There is no moment in life that is more transparent and relieved than this moment. I said, “If I live, I will come back.”. If I die, you take my body out and cremate it, and leave a note in the urn saying that this is what I mean. The censer will understand me. Zhang Rui lay motionless on the ground. I thought he understood, lifted his feet and walked forward firmly. Shen Qianjiu and I went into the water and walked to the stone gate. The water was calm and there was no vision. Arriving at the stone gate, Shen Qianjiu said, “Let the blood flow through the crack of the door.” At close range, it was found that there was indeed a gap in the middle of the stone gate. I didn’t have to think much about it. I cut a bloody hole in my palm with a knife and put my hand on the crack of the door. The blood was quickly diluted in the current. The stone door looked smooth, but in fact it was covered with fine cracks. The color of the blood outlined the cracks. I was too nervous to breathe. The stone door thundered slowly open. So, as I said before, I saw the Phoenix Nirvana here and saw the beautiful scenery of the world. There was a waterfall in front of the door, and we stood on the top of the waterfall, and the water column was rushing down. I don’t know where the light inside comes from, but I feel that it is pouring into the pillars of light from many holes in the rock wall, gathering together and enveloping the palace below. In the end I didn’t go in. I only remember that after the stone gate was completely opened,cantilever racking system, we were all shocked by the waterfall, and there was no way to go down. At that time, my mind somehow went blank. jracking.com

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