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Two people, two guards, drive a car to come over, the car is parked in the parking lot outside, once arrived here, Zhou Xuan saw far away, hurried to meet. Wei Haihong was in the inner room, and Li Wei was not there. Zhou Xuan was the only one who knew him. He greeted the two old people with a smile. Listening to Qin Ziyan singing a song, Wei said with a smile, “Zhou Xuan, you are very lively here!” Zhou Xuan said with a smile, “Today, to tell you the truth, I should be lively here, but I’m just afraid of being lively. Hehe, two old men, when Li Wei comes over, I’ll send you two to the hotel right away. There’s a private room over there. It’s quiet.”. At this time, Lan Yin is singing a “shepherd’s song”, the young girl’s delicate voice, than the original singing is another kind of taste. Old Li and the old man both stopped and listened to the song. The old man laughed and said, “This live version sounds really different. I just like to listen to this song!” “What are you listening to? What do two old men know about music?” As soon as the old man’s voice fell, a man’s voice next to him mocked, Zhou Xuan several people looked sideways, unexpectedly is that yuan Li! Zhou Xuan was stunned, this guy is really a ghost, he does not find him trouble, how to run here to run wild? Didn’t Yang Zhongjun tell him? In fact, Yang Zhongjun did not meet him again after he fell out with him yesterday. yuan Li is not a person now,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, but there are three or four people, the other three are more than 30 men. As soon as Yang Zhongjun saw them, he was stunned, because the middle-aged man standing beside yuan Li was very familiar with the boat! This man is a thorn in his side, but also his opponent in Baocheng, Fang Jiacheng, the general manager of Oriental Film and Television Entertainment Co., Ltd., this Fang Jiacheng, the strength is really stronger than him, but also several times bad for his good deeds,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, but Yang Zhongjun still has to grit his teeth to endure. Because Fang Jiacheng’s backstage is very strong, I heard that a deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee is his uncle. So Yang Zhongjun can not work against him, have to endure, step back, if not step back, it is estimated that his company will be difficult! Yang Zhongjun saw this Fang Jiacheng, and looked at yuan Li, immediately understood, yuan Li yesterday also knew that he was invited to Fu yuanshan, today is also to give Fu yuanshan face, he is now relying on Fang Jiacheng, no wonder Fu yuanshan will not be in the eye, this is also, a sub-bureau chief of Fu yuan-shan, that is still a big burial with the deputy secretary of the city! But now at this critical juncture, how can Yang Zhongjun hang on? The old man’s face sank and he said lightly, “Where did such a thing run wild?” The old man’s two guards are staring at yuan Li covetously, and if the old man opens his mouth, he will take him down immediately! yuan Li and Fang Jiacheng naturally had never seen Lao Li and the old man who lived in seclusion, and the two white-haired old men naturally did not look at them at all. “General Manager Yang, pumpkin seed extract ,akba boswellic acid,” said yuan Li with a sneer, “I’ve come to see the person you want to hold today. General Manager Fang is my new boss. I’ll tell you!” Fang Jiacheng made a ha-ha and said, “Old Yang, I heard that you have a Bureau chief. You came here just to flatter the Bureau chief. It was a lot of work. I don’t know if it’s worth it.” Z The first volume of the small lotus is beginning to show its sharp corners. Chapter 322 Beats the dog. Fang Jiacheng brought yuan Li in order to humiliate Yang Zhongjun, and also measured that Yang Zhongjun dared not publicly offend him, who let him stand behind his uncle, Deputy Secretary Fang? This world is about strength, is about the survival of the strong, he Fang Jiacheng can openly poach yuan Li from Yang Zhongjun, that is to show off his strength.
wWw. keNweN. coM Yang Zhongjun was so angry that he blushed for a moment, and really could not attack, but yuan Li’s face made him unbearable! If it weren’t for him, would yuan Li have today? After taking a few breaths, he couldn’t help saying, “General Manager Fang, yuan Li is an artist under my banner, and he still has a contract. If you do this, are you going to work openly with the whole entertainment circle?”? The rules must be obeyed, right? Fang Jiacheng laughed and patted yuan Li. Then he said to Yang Zhongjun, “Old Yang, the rules are made by people. Since they are made by people, naturally someone will change them, don’t you think?”? yuan Li, this is not easy to say, as the saying goes, the water flows to the lower place, this person, you have to go to the higher place, this person’s idea, how can we stop? He is willing to come to me. You say, how much is it? I don’t suppose you’re going to go to court with me over this big shit? Yang Zhongjun was so angry that he shivered and said angrily, “You..” “I tell you, Fang, don’t go too far!” Fang Jiacheng touched his chin and said, “Is this too much?”? Hey hey, you say is, I think, you should understand! Looked at the artists brought by Yang Zhong, I couldn’t help but say, “Tut, Lao Yang, is it worthwhile for you to spend so much money today?”? What does this man do? Antiques? Hey, hey.. Isn’t an antique seller a urinal seller? Come on, Lao Yang, let him give each of you a thousand-year urinal! Zhou Xuandu frowned. This guy’s mouth is too smelly. Old man and old Li eighty or ninety years of cultivation can not stand to hear, this guy, purely looking for a pumping type! The old man said to Zhou Xuan, “Zhou Xuan, your temple is small, but the newly opened shop doesn’t allow this foul mouth guy to shout loudly here. Go up and slap him in the mouth!” The old man said, of course, is to give Zhou Xuan a chance to vent his anger, here he is the boss, is the master, this Fang Jiacheng does not look at the master’s face, come to make trouble, that is already a very excessive thing, the old man was present, that is to give him instructions, just go! Zhou Xuan nodded in the face of the old man’s low voice and turned to Yang Zhongjun. He said to Yang Zhongjun, “General Manager Yang, you are my guest today. Be happy and have fun!” Then he slapped Fang Jiacheng in the face with a backhand slap, which was so crisp and loud that a group of them and Yang Zhongjun were stunned! After a while, Fang Jiacheng came to his senses and covered his red face with anger. Before he could say anything,pumpkin seed extract, the people around him and yuan Li rushed forward and scolded, “What are you?”? How dare you hit General Manager Fang? Do you still want to open this shop? Damn it, I’ll kill you. 。 prius-biotech.com

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