Wang Shuai quickly shook his head and grinned, “Third Brother, I’m not that bored.”. I think it should be Du Qiufa. Xiao Tianci shook his head, feeling unlike. If Du Qiu is so publicized character, this year Sun Yao’s suitors are many, never saw him come forward, also did not make any disturbance. He and Sun Yao were still in the bud this time, so he came out to find himself, which was very illogical. Basically, Du Qiu can be ruled out, so who sent it? Could it be.. Sun Yao? This hypothesis was bold, but it was eventually rejected by Xiao Tianci. Sun Yao is the kind of girl who doesn’t like to be in the limelight. This doesn’t mean that she sent herself to the cusp of the storm, so it’s not true. I didn’t expect that a small post would hide so many secrets. Xiao Tianci now feels like a big star, as if there is always a paparazzi behind him. No matter what happens, someone will find out. Is it because Sun Yao is too concerned about the reason, this is the so-called’beauty effect? ‘ Wang Shuai finished smoking a cigarette, stood up and asked, “Third Brother, are you going to practice?” “You go first,teardrop pallet racking, and I’ll go later.” “Well, you’ll meet me at the stadium later.” Wang Shuai went out first. Xiao Tianci closed the forum, then boarded Taobao Wangwang and checked the delivery record. It was found that the quartz cuvette had arrived, and the page showed that the express delivery was in progress. The time is half past nine in the morning. According to the usual habits, it should be here! Xiao Tianci’s mood excited, turned off the computer, was planning to go to the door to ask the dormitory uncle to see if there is their own express. When I opened the door,industrial racking systems, I saw my uncle standing at the door. Here, your express! “Thank you, sir!” Xiao Tianci happily touched the express like a treasure and carefully put it on the bed. Open the package with a paper knife. The quartz cuvettes purchased by Xiao Tianci are only two of the kits. The whole set needs more than ten kinds. I don’t have the financial resources at all. Besides, I don’t need so many. White and transparent, similar to ordinary glass, at least Xiao Tianci, who is not very good at chemistry, looks the same. Because of this, he was worried that if the seller on Taobao was an unscrupulous guy who used ordinary glass as good goods, he would lose a lot. Money is a small thing, and wasting the electricity of the evolution flashlight is the most fatal thing. You know how hard it is to bring down thunder and lightning. I guess the last time I was hit, it was the smoke from the ancestral graves. It’s impossible to tell unless you find some corrosive chemical to test it. But where to find it at this time. For the sake of safety, Xiao Tianci turned on the computer again and logged into Taobao to check the buyer’s message. Only when he found that all of them were good and there was no abnormal state, push back racking system ,medium duty racking, could he be relieved. Is the disaster can not escape, Xiao Tianci does not believe that fate is so bad! Put the quartz cuvette in place, then connect the evolution flashlight, and adjust the range of light. Xiao Tianci closed his eyes and took a deep breath, silently saying in his heart: Bless! Flipped the switch! The gray light covered the quartz cuvette and began to split slowly, eventually turning into particles the size of rice. And then there was no reaction. According to the prompt of the PDA, this should be the form. Xiao Tianci is inexplicably excited! It’s finally done! Now we have completed the evolution of four things, except for the last wireless device. Pulled out the command and accusation headset, and now it’s the only thing missing. There is still one bar of electricity left, and now that it has evolved, it is really a waste! Xiao Tianci really couldn’t bear it, but he was anxious to make it into a power generator. So now the first task is to use the last grid of electricity, but can not be wasted, it is best to create some value, that is perfect! Despite Goldfinger, it’s not easy to think of a way to make money. Xiao Tianci did not come up with a way, in fact, the simplest and most direct way is to put on the headphones, put your hand on the ATM, and then a lot of money came out. As a result, he is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison. The danger is too great, Xiao Tianci feels that he still has a lot of good youth, so he doesn’t have to work so hard! The more impatient you are, the more you can’t think of a way, that’s for sure.
Thought for a long time also did not think of a feasible way, finally Xiao Tianci can only give up temporarily. He received everything in the cabinet and walked out of the dormitory with the basketball in his arms. It is important to make a power generator, and it is equally important to defeat Du Qiu. Monday’s stadium is not comparable to Sunday’s. The whole stadium is full of people playing ball. Wang Shuai is fighting with a team of people under the basket. Xiao Tianci, a player like this, is naturally unable to go on the court and stands outside the court with a basketball in his arms. Third Brother, you’re here! Wang Shuai saw Xiao Tianci standing on the sidelines and walked off the court. Wang Shuai stopped, and several others stopped, all looking at Xiao Tianci. One of the boys, who was 1.9 meters tall, came with Wang Shuai behind him. Captain, this is my third brother, Xiao Tianci. Wang Shuai introduced the two men. Third brother, this is Li Guodong, the captain of the basketball team. Hello, Tianci. Your name is well-known to me. How’s it going? Are you interested in joining our basketball team? “Ah, can I do the same?” Xiao Tianci couldn’t believe that Li Guodong had invited him into the department. Turning to look at Wang Shuai, this calf is trying hard to stand out with him. What the hell is going on here? Text [Chapter 34: Very Abnormal] Updated: July 9, 2010 15:24:29 Words in this Chapter: 2530 The number of votes is not very large. Thousands of people collect it. Isn’t it pitiful to count the tickets like this? ……………………………………………… Xiao Tianci knows what his basketball level is like? Although the jumping ability is better than others, it is not enough to eat. The basketball game is not about jumping high. These two days of desperate practice,heavy duty cantilever racks, there is really no plan to defeat Du Qiu, at least I have to enter the school team first! Unexpectedly, Li Guodong took the initiative to open the back door for himself.

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