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Yu Pinyan’s rising anger was blown away by her lovely expression. She hugged her shoulder and continued, “Not long after I went in, I lost consciousness. When I woke up again, a prostitute whose skin was covered with broken and poisonous sores was lying on my body ready to move. I can still smell the putrid smell of dying people from her body.” Yu Xiang’s heart contracted and he asked in a trembling voice, “She, she has red plum sores?” This move is really poisonous! Not only let my brother catch an incurable dirty disease, but also ruin his reputation for a lifetime, if he really succeeds. Not daring to think deeply, she put her arms around her brother with difficulty and patted him gently. Her eyes, as clear and gentle as water, seemed to say, “Don’t be afraid, it’s all over, it’s all over.”. Yu Pinyan saw that she listened to this dirty past not only did not reject herself, but felt pity for herself. The soft heart slowly melted away and continued to whisper, “Fortunately, I woke up in time, tore off the hairpin on her head and stabbed her to death, and then hastily put on clothes and fled from the backyard.”. Because I was drugged,secondary containment pallet, I stumbled slowly along the dark alley to the busiest and brightest street. That day was Double Seventh Festival, when I walked out of the alley, I saw Chang Yafu and Yu Pinhong smiling at each other in the crowd. I followed them quietly and watched them put the river lantern and exchange the token. “And then?” Yu Xiang held his fingertips tightly, and the throbbing pain in his heart continued. Then I spent half a night in the cold river and was arrested by the Yamen in the early morning and put into prison. Yu Pinyan emptied his eyes and fell into memories. Then what Yu Xiang was very uncomfortable, but he couldn’t help but want to know the follow-up. Then I had a high fever, and my ancestor came to see me in prison. I told her that I wanted to see my mother before I died. “And then?” Yu Xiang’s throat is dry. Mother did not come, but brought me a word. “What words?” “She said that I had defiled my father’s name and that I was not worthy to be his son.” Yu Pinyan’s deep voice is full of irony. Yu Xiang unconsciously had tears streaming down his face, and his eyelashes were covered with crystal tears. Yu Pinyan looked down,collapsible pallet bin, full of violence and evil spirit were washed clean by her tears, could not stop laughing, the tone also became light, “after that, I think women are the dirtiest thing in the world, abhorrent.” Yu Xiang’s tears suddenly stopped and he stared at him in disbelief. Yu Pinyan hurriedly added with a smile, “except for you and our ancestors, of course.” He took his sister’s soft white hand and kissed her on the lips. “I’m glad you’re my sister, but you’re not my sister.”. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be attracted to you. I will never fall in love with another woman except you. You can trust me! The word falls to kiss the teardrop that does not fall to want to fall to hang on eyelash of little sister eye. Yu Xiang blinked, blinked again, and asked with a dull expression, “When did you like me?” Yu Pinyan hesitated for a moment and smiled helplessly, ibc spill pallet ,plastic pallet suppliers, “I don’t know.”. But one day, when I picked you up, I suddenly found that I was reluctant to put you down. This sentence is plain and simple, but like the surging tide, wave after wave of collision with Yu Xiang’s vulnerable psychological defense. She retreated a little and smiled brightly. “Well, my precious plant has taken root in your pit. You must water and fertilize it on time.” “How to water and fertilize?” Yu Pinyan’s heart was filled with boundless joy, but his face was forced to hold back, gently and slowly rubbing his sister’s slender waist. Yu Xiang’s ears were crimson, but his expression was noble and cool. He pointed to his pink lips. “Here, I’m thirsty.” Yu Pinyan smiled low, and then suddenly leaned over, first holding her lips and licking them inch by inch, then prying open the shellfish teeth and sucking them crazily. The big tongue held the small tongue and kept stirring, making a shameful sound of water. The two of them hugged each other more and more tightly, and it took them a full cup of tea to separate, pulling out a silver thread between their lips. Yu Pinyan pressed his sister’s red and swollen lips with his finger pulp, smiling in his eyes and hoarse voice. “I knew my brother was going to kiss you, so I put on peach-flavored mouth fat?” “Yes.”.
“Yu Xiang admitted frankly and threatened,” In the future, if you break your promise to have sex outside, I will mix arsenic in your mouth fat, and we will kiss two lives and go to hell together. ” Instead of being frightened by her, Yu Pinyan laughed happily, “Xiang’er, you are so sweet!”! Such vicious words are sweet when they come out of your mouth. The husky, deep voice faded into the four lips of the kiss. By the time the carriage arrived at Hou Fu, Yu Xiang’s eyes were full of spring, his waist was weak, his lips were red and swollen, and he looked like he had been loved countless times. Yu Pinyan took off his coat and wrapped her in it. When Yu Xiang caught a glimpse of the old lady, he buried his face with a guilty conscience and breathed a sigh of relief when he arrived at the Jingfu courtyard. Peach blossoms and green willows sent the Marquis away and asked around the bed, “Miss, have you reached an agreement with the Marquis?”? What will be the rules in the future? Yu Xiang licked his lips, which were almost broken, and smiled sweetly. “It’s settled. It won’t be long before you have to call me madam.” Pink jumped up happily, but Liu Lu was worried, “Miss, how to deal with your identity?”? What about the old lady? Yu Xiang sighed, “My brother will help me deal with it. As for the old lady, we can only rely on time to solve the problem.”. I really don’t want to leave my brother. I hope you can understand. “Be considerate, be considerate naturally.”. The Marquis and the young lady are a natural couple! Pink nodded hurriedly. Liu Lu hesitated for a moment and said encouragingly, “Now that the young lady has made up her mind, the maidservants must follow.”. It’s much better to stay in Hou Fu than anywhere else. Chapter 104 The next day, the old lady took Yu Miaoqi and Lin Shi to continue to visit the Prince’s Mansion. Yu Xiang and Yu Siyu went together. Crown Princess throat was also burned,plastic pallet manufacturer, only hit a face to face to send Lin two people to the side hall to listen to the training, and the old lady Yu Xiang and others are you a sentence I use a note to communicate, words did not leave a grudge. binpallet.com

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