Grade: Middle
Subject: History

#1031. Book Review of an Historical Novel

History, level: Middle
Posted Fri Apr 23 03:40:06 PDT 1999 by Paul Carlin (carlin.paul@rathmore

Rathmore Grammars School, Belfast, N.Ireland
Materials Required: List of Historical Novels/School Library/Review sheet
Activity Time: One class direction on Reviewing.
Concepts Taught: The Historical Process/Research (beta process will update

[Used in cooperation with Librarian/Art Department who got the pupils to design book covers for the novel they reviewed - Reviews and covers displayed in library as part of an annual library week]

Book Review
of an
Historical Novel

An historical novel is one in which the author sets the story within a particular setting in the past. The author will try to ensure that the characters and setting give the reader a real feel for that particular historical period. The author will have researched the historical period thoroughly before writing.

Your Mission

1. Choose a novel from the list which is in the library. This list reflects the time period we are presently studying. You can choose one of your own if it is not on the list, especially if it is within the period we are studying.

2. You have several weeks to read the novel.

3. Your teacher will supply you with a BOOK REVIEW SHEET

4. You must use this to review the novel you have just read.

[Teacher's can extrapolate the review sheet from the markscheme]

Mark Scheme - Book Reviews - Historical Novels KS 3

Tasks Completed

Author 
Title of Novel 
2 marks

Summary of Story
Vague & unclear 2 marks
Clear but general 4 marks
Clear and specific 6 marks

Description of Historical Setting
General and vague 2 marks
Refers to century, some contextual understanding 4 marks
Clear dating and explanation of historical context 6 marks

Vague & unclear, no understanding of research process 2 marks
General understanding of processes 4 marks
Clear and specific - refers to specific places or types of research 6 marks

TOTAL 20 Marks

Transfer to mark book

Information 2
Summary 6
Desc/Hist 6
Research 6
Total 20

The mark scheme can then be used in class on OHP for pupil evaluation.

NB This is in the process of being restructured and re-focused for three age groups/three levels after evaluation.