Grade: 1-2
Subject: Games

#1201. Vocabulary Bingo

Games, level: Elementary
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Norristown, PA
Materials Required: plain white paper, pencil,ruler,highlighterso or crayons
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Vocabulary Review

Vocabulary Bingo is a game for the whole class, that encourages students to study and review their vocabulary words. The objective is to be the first student to get bingo by matching the definition given by the teacher to the vocabulary word on their bingo card.

How To Play
Children divide a plain piece of paper into five equal rows and columns,putting a free space in the center box. Using their vocabulary list, they chose any 24 words and write the words in any order, one in each box, on their bingo card. All the vocabulary words and definitions are written on strips of paper and put in a container. The teacher pulls a strip out of the container and reads the definition, checking the word off her list. The students highlight the word that matches the definition. The first child to get bingo wins!

*Award a small prize to the winner.
*Play four corners.
*Play to cover whole board.