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#1681. Franklin's Tooth

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Posted Tue Nov 7 10:07:53 PST 2000 by April Palmo (

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, United States
Materials Required: sequence chain, story map, Franklin's Tooth by Marc Brown
Activity Time: 15 min
Concepts Taught: Comprehension

Lesson Plan-Comprehension for Elementary Students


To understand the story, Arthur's Tooth, by Marc Brown, students need to be able to put the main events in order.

Instructional Objective
Given a sequence chain, students will write in order the six main events in order with 100% accuracy. (5min)

Lesson Initiation

To get the students excited about the story; teacher and students will have a group discussion about loosing their first tooth and their visit to the dentist. (5 min)

Instructional Activities

Materials: Arthur's Tooth by Marc Brown, sequence chain and a story map.

Presentation: Teacher will show students five illustrations in Arthur's Tooth and ask students to predict what will happen in the story. (5 min)

Guided practice: While reading the story, the teacher will ask the students, "What could Arthur do to make his tooth fall out?" Then the teacher will ask students to predict how Arthur's tooth will fall out. (10 min)

Independent practice: Students will complete a story map to review C-A-T-S. (10 min)

Lesson Summary

Teacher will ask the class the sequence of events and then the teacher will record the events on

a sequence chain that it is on a piece of butcher paper; this will be displayed in the classroom.

(10 min)

Lesson Evaluation

Teacher will evaluate student's understanding of the story's sequence by their performance on their sequence chain. (5 min)