Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#1949. Activities to Accompany The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Sep 6 13:48:18 PDT 2000 by Kathleen Carpenter, compiled from Early Childhood Chatboard ().
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Re: Billy Goats Gruff ideas?
Posted by susan on 9/04/00
1. Language: categorizing by size: small, medium, large
2. Construction Center: building bridges
3. Science: We grew grass. Children watered it, trimmed it
with scissors, etc.
4. Gross Motor: Took turns walking across the balance beam
while reciting the story.
5. Chart for Children by Judy Nyberg has some excellent
print awareness activities also.

Re: Billy Goats Gruff ideas?
Posted by another susan on 9/04/00

My favorite 3BGG is an edible diorama! This is very successful
in Pre-K and K:
paper plate
chunky peanut butter for the dirt
coconut dyed green for grass
large Frito for the bridge
3 white marshmallos (mini for little one)
purple grape for the Troll
blue Fruit Roll up for the stream

Re: Billy Goats Gruff ideas?
Posted by Mare2/K/PA on 9/04/00

I do 3BBG at the end of Jan. And by far the biggest hit is when
the kids get to act the story out. We use: the table for the
bridge, with a chair at each end to aid climbing; a blue cloth for
the water; an old, silly looking hat of my husband's for the troll
to wear; and plastic daisies for the grass, next to our terrarium.
I find that the kids can soon do all the parts, including the
narration, and want to do it over and over.

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