Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

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Language, level: Elementary
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God's Bible College, Cincinnati, USA
Materials Required: prepared overheads, 3-7 computeres, a printer, software for newspaper layout, clipart, a newspaper
Activity Time: 2 - 45 minutes sessions
Concepts Taught: Using technology to create a newspaper

I. Introduction

How many of your parents get the newspaper and read it?

Have you ever wondered how they make a newspaper and get it all to fit together?

We are going to start an exciting project that will take us a few days to complete. . .. And the finished projects will be displayed in our classroom window / bulletin board.

II. Transition

* First -- we must learn / review a few basic computer skills. Who has used Microsoft Word / Corel Word Perfect?

III. Sequence of Activities

A. Using a computer hooked up to an overhead projector -- display the desktop on the overhead to walk the students through computer functions -- if not available, use prepared overhead to show students the necessary steps to format the page into columns, change spacing, font, margins, inserting a picture from clip art, etc.

B. Hand out papers with guidelines to the necessary steps to these also.

C. After a short lesson / review -- divide the class into groups of 3 -- 5 students per group

D. Explain project -- Each group needs to develop the front page of a newspaper. These are the necessary items to finish this project:
1. A title
2. At least two columns
3. One headline news article coming from a bible story (if in a public school setting -- fairy tale)
4. One advertisement for a product
5. At least one graphic
6. Names of newspaper staff
7. Any additional stories / jokes/ pictures to fill up the front page of your newspaper

E. Allow students to get in groups and start discussing their ideas -- work with each group as needed

F. Once students have ideas started -- check their ideas and allow them to get started on the computer

IV. Closure:

Remind the students of the requirements for the project
Clean up work area and shut down computers
Turn in papers to the teacher until tomorrow / save on a disk

V. Evaluation of Students:

A. The students can easily follow directions / instructions to use the publisher program

B. The students have mastered the required skills to layout a newspaper

C. The students work effectively in their group -- giving each a chance to work on the computer.

D. The students produce a final product -- a newspaper page with the required elements.

VI. Analysis of Lesson:

Students knowledge of computer skills
The quality of the students' final product
The effectiveness of the group time