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Subject: 4 Blocks

#2357. Blackburn Cramp Developmental Writing Checklis

4 Blocks, level: all
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Revised Blackburn-Cramp Developmental Writing Scale
Preschool-Grade 1

Level Developmental Stage Examples and Characteristics

1 Prewriting & Drawing Attempts to scribble or draw patterns
Draws a picture buy cannot verbalize about the picture
Draws a picture and can talk about the picture
Draws a picture in response to a prompt and can talk about it

2 Pretend Writing Pretends to write
Writes mock letters
Writes alphabet and mock letters around the page
Writes alphabet and mock letter in a line across the page

3 Copying & Letter Strings Dictates a single sentence to another person, then copies what was dictated.
Copies words (s)he sees around the room
Writes letter strings, usually without spaces
Writes independently but letter doesn't match sounds

4 Dictation: Dictates more than one sentence and copies what was dictated
Stable Message Dictates more than one sentence, copies it and can read it back (may be remembered next day).
Writes letters to convey a message and can read it back (letters
do not consistently have sound-symbol association)

5 Independent Writing Writes familiar words independently
Writes labels for his/her pictures using sound-symbol association
Uses appropriate initial consonants to represent words
Uses familiar words and invented spelling to convey a short message
Uses spaces between words

6 Independent writing Writes a single, understandable sentence independently
to convey a complete Writes a message (complete thought) using invented spelling and
thought; pattern some conventional spelling
sentences Writes short sentences (3-4 words) using a simple pattern (I love)

7 Multiple sentences Writes a longer sentence (5 or more words) which follow a similar
with some conventions pattern
Writes short, simple sentences that do not follow a pattern
Uses some capitalization and simple punctuation, sometimes in a
random manner

8 Multiple sentences Writes multiple sentences related to a prompt
with some Writes sentences with some organization, two thoughts follow one
organization and another in logical order, story has a beginning and a middle
conventions Uses more conventional spelling, but errors in grammar, mechanics and usage may detract from clarity of the message