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Subject: Language

#2834. "Kk" is for Kisses

Language, level: Kindergarten
Posted Tue Mar 25 16:11:12 PST 2003 by Linda Holm (liholm@up.net).

CJ Sullivan, L'Anse, MI
Materials Required: 9x12 white construction paper, red paper with five 4" red kisses drawn, poem - "K is for Kisses".
Activity Time: 15-20 minutes
Concepts Taught: K says /k/

To reinforce the /k/ sound for Kk, I say the poem:
"K" is for the kisses I give to you,
For all of the wonderful things you do.

I copy this poem on the top of 9X12 white paper that I pass out to the children.
First, we brain storm about all the nice things parents do. I list them on chart paper, doing my best to illustrate key words. Next,the children select a pink or red 9x12 sheet of paper, which have five 3-4 inch wide kisses(lips) drawn on it. Each child dictates to me 5 nice things his/her families do for them. I write each one on a kiss. The children cut the lips out and paste them on the white paper. I help them read it to the class. The children enjoy sharing this and the response from the parents has been extremely positive.