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#4338. 3 Vocabulary practice activities, grades 1-4

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Posted Mon Mar 2 10:10:19 PST 2009 by Lisa in Indiana (Lisa in Indiana).
Source of the games shared here - April '03 Teachers.Net Gazette - still timely!

Submitted by Lisa Indiana 2-3

1. Tap Lights - We've been doing a little game for vocabulary with tap lights. We bought some of the tap lights (you can get them in sports shapes, stars, moons, etc.) and have students come up individually, in pairs, or in small groups. We give students a definition and the first one to recognize the word taps the light and gives the word. Of course you can also give the word and ask students to use it in a sentence. The kids enjoy doing this and get very excited.

2. Inside/Outside Circles - Another good way to reinforce vocabulary. Students have cards with a word/definition. They form two circles, one inside the other, then turn and face one another. Teacher calls out "inside" or "outside" and that circle gives their partner the word (or the definition) and the partner has to come up with the definition (or the word). The circles then rotate/stop to make new matchings of pairs and you repeat the process. Students will practice the same word more than once. It's a blast!

3. Quick Draw - Students fold a sheet of paper into sections, write a word in each section, and draw a picture to help them remember what the word means.