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Subject: Music

#692. Sit Straight For Success

Music, level: all
Posted Sun Nov 8 18:31:36 PST 1998 by Richard Auvil (

United Junior / Senior High School, Armagh ,PA - USA
Materials Required: Usual rehearsal room equipment and music
Activity Time: 5 - 10 Minutes
Concepts Taught: Proper seated performance posture for instrumentalists & vocalists

Sit Straight For Success! - A Lesson In Seated Posture For Music Performing Ensembles

Students will...

1. Explain the reasons for proper seated posture
2. Display proper posture in rehearsal and performance


I. Explain that the members of the ensemble should practice proper posture for the following reasons:

A. Proper breath support is the most important musical tool that you posess.
B. Correct seated position will be a cue to the conductor that you are alert and prepared to begin.
C. Looking professional is just as important as sounding professional!

II. Have the students clear all instrument cases, books and other objects from the area in front of their seats and
listen closely to follow these instructions as you explain:

A. "Stand up straight in front of your chair so that the front of the seat touches the back of your legs."
B. "Take approximately 1/4 step out from the seat."
C. "In one smooth movement, keeping your eyes on the conductor, sit on the front third of the seat of your chair. Do not scoot
or slide back after you sit - your seated balance should allow you to immediately stand again in one smooth movement."
D. "Let's try it - everyone carefully and slowly stand --- now sit --- now stand --- now sit ... (make suggestions as necessary)
E. "Now - as you sit - imagine that there is a cable attached to the very top of your head which is pulling straight up toward the ceiling."
F. "This is the proper seated position - this position allows your body to expand all around as you breathe - it also allows
you to keep your eye on the conductor and it keeps the throat open - this position also puts the conductor on notice that you are
ready to perform displaying an air of professionalism to your audience. These things are all important to successful musical performance."
G. Compliment the students - tell them how great they look when they use the correct seated posture. Remind them of this at each rehearsal and lesson.

Let me know how it works for you!

Mr. Richard Auvil (Rick)
Instrumental Music Instructor
United Junior / Senior High School
Armagh, Pennsylvania - U.S.A. or