Re: Can I break my contract??
    Posted by: Sandra on 10/09/16
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    On 8/27/11, CactusMike wrote:
    > Not sure that there is a typical.
    > Legally, the employer has the upper hand. You're in the
    > position of asking to be released from your contract.
    > If there are plenty of qualified teachers available, then you
    > can be easily replaced. They will probably release you.
    > may be asked to start the year if a replacement can't be
    > in time.)
    > If your locale is short on qualified teachers or you are a
    > special education or bilingual teacher, you'll have more of a
    > problem. The worst possible result is that your employer
    > prevent you from teaching elsewhere in California for one
    > year.
    > Education Code section 44420(a): "If any person employed
    by a
    > school district in a position requiring certification
    > qualifications refuses, without good cause, to fulfill a
    > valid contract of employment with the district or leave the
    > service of the district without the consent of the
    > superintendent, if any, or the governing board, of the
    > district except in the manner provided for by law, the
    > commission may, after proof of this fact is made to it, take
    > an adverse action on the credential holder but may not
    > suspend the credential for more than one year or revoke
    > credential."
    > The district is required to report your resignation to the
    > CCTC.
    I'm in the Bay Area and experiencing financial difficulty. I've
    had to start supporting my two adult disabled children in late
    August. I found a new district with cheaper housing to help
    my family. My district can't find a signed contract. I started
    last spring. My Union says I need a lawyer. Any ideas?

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