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    Posted by: Marcelle Wiggins on 8/23/16
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    On 8/23/16, Marcelle Wiggins wrote:
    > On 8/22/16, ~Cher~ wrote:
    >> Hi all,
    >> I haven't been here in ages..........I am retired and now just
    > about turning 70.
    >> Any others In California turning or turned 70 on this board.
    >> I don't know who to go to or what to do with retirement now
    > that we are
    >> forced to withdraw it starting at 70.
    >> you can email me at if you have any
    > suggestions on where
    >> to find info about investing and where.
    >> Thanks so much for any help!
    > I have turned 70 also. If you are under the STRS system you are
    > forced to take your Defined Benefit amount by 70 !/2. If you are
    > still working, which I am, and still in STRS employment, you
    > must take it when you retire. You can only take it when you
    > retire or you lose it. First retire with the district on your last day
    > of employment. You must file with STRS the day after or lose
    > your Defined Benefit. I this applies to you, you need to make a
    > retirement counseling appointment with your STRS local office.
    PS I have opted to take the lump sum when I retire and do my own
    investing. You need to talk to your retirement system office for

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