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    Posted by: Eye Pics on 11/14/16
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    I taught for 7 years back in Illinois as a special education
    teacher, and then left to work in healthcare as a medical p
    hotographer. I've been doing that for a few years, most rec
    ently in Texas. I typically follow my wife's career around
    the country/world, and it became difficult to stay in teachi
    ng due to frequent moves and licensure issues. Now, my wife
    looks to be getting her last, big promotion which should ke
    ep her in southern California indefinitely.

    About a year and a half ago, I got the California Education
    Specialist credential for mild/moderate special education.
    The only thing I have to do when I renew is obtain the CLAD
    certificate. My question is: How likely am I to get hired w
    ith the Ed Specialist credential without the CLAD yet? It i
    s something I will get done in a year or two if I return to

    Basically, I'm in a decent field now that pays about what I
    would make as a teacher in California. I want to return to
    teaching, but I don't want to take a job at a crap charter s
    chool making little money because I don't have this CLAD end
    orsement. I'll just stay in healthcare if that is what I ne
    ed to do. One of the reasons that I left teaching is that I
    refused to work for the low wages they pay in the South.

    However, I have read a lot about the "teacher shortage" in C
    alifornia, especially in sped, and that there are a lot of p
    eople teaching in districts with an intern credential. My g
    uess is that an Intern w/o any sort of teaching license does
    not have an ESL endorsement either. I have a background wo
    rking in urban, inner-city schools, and have a background wo
    rking in ED, so I don't have a problem with working in a tou
    gh school with tough kids. In fact, I feel like I thrive in
    that environment rather than with middle/upper class kids,
    so I don't have an issue working in what are typically the l
    ess desirable schools/districts.

    Basically, does anyone have any knowledge of the sped hiring
    situation in the LA area and how it relates to my situation
    ? We will likely be in the LA area, but may be able to make
    San Diego work. She will be working from home and will onl
    y need to travel into downtown LA a couple of times a month,
    so we could live in Riverside or Oxnard, or anywhere in bet
    ween, so I can be flexible on location.

    Thanks for any help

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